You need a writer.

The story of your business is powerful. A compelling story grabs potential investors, clients and employees, and gives you a chance to connect. 

But copywriting just isn't your thing. Engineers and designers are gifted creators. You understand the beauty of an elegant, effective design, and you know how to make it real. But writing marketing copy…not so much. 

You know you need to tell your story to build your business. Maybe you want to blog about common design challenges faced in your industry, but the writing would be such a headache. Perhaps you're thinking of a monthly report, each time profiling a different client's product and engineering solution. It would be fun, but you don't have the time. Or could be you're absolutely sick of social media and wish you could publish a print magazine. You could make your company an information resource for your customers, maybe even entertain them a little! But the whole idea of publishing a magazine is daunting.

A writer frees up your time for the important stuff. I listen to you and then put that knowledge to work in white papers, articles, annual reports, blogs, brochures, B2B communications, case studies, company and personal profiles, creative concepting, newsletters, website content and almost anything else you need written. Yes, even print magazines. Of course you could do it yourself, but your time is more valuable spent elsewhere. 

Let me slave over the keyboard while you focus on your core business: innovation.